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Beautiful but Treacherous

A Love Story


Lynn Vadney

Copyright © 2016

ISBN 9781939838230

247 pages

5 X 8 inches, perfect bound paperback, 4-color cover, gloss laminate

Author's Annotation:

"Beautiful but Treacherous is a heartwarming love story about a second chance at happiness. Grace Griffith is a widow. While traveling with friends, she meets up with an old friend from college, Albert Wilson. Their friendship is promptly renewed, transcending the years since their last meeting so many years ago. Many changes have taken place in each of their lives over those years: children, grandchildren, careers, troubles, and heartbreak. Sorrow and joy have filled both of their lives, but not in equal proportions. As dedicated Christians they are committed to obedience to the Scriptures, to strong family relationships, love for God, family, friends, and life itself, and ethical behavior in all endeavors. Surprises are in store for Grace and Albert as they rediscover each other and uncover the changes that the years have wrought in the other. Is there a future for them together? The outcome is murky at times as they work their way through the pitfalls of life. Will they be able to travel together, or are they destined to walk alone?

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