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Becoming a Mature Christian:

Fundamental Principles and Necessary Leadership,

Volume 1


Victor Vadney

Copyright © 2010

ISBN 9780983032700

101 pages

6 X 9 inches, perfect bound paperback, 4-color cover, gloss laminate

Author's Annotation:

"The religion that Christ brought us is not an empty form or mindless ritual. It was never designed to be practiced just on Sunday. Rather, He calls us to maturity, to becoming fully grown Christians. He challenges us to enter through the narrow gate and walk on the difficult path. His religion is challenging, it is transforming, and it is costly.

"This book explores some of the fundamental principles that Christ laid down for His disciples. These include the Christian life as Christ defines it, the significance of His Christian community, and the worship He expects of His disciples.

"In addition, this book explores the leadership that Christ ordained for his Christian community. Christ clearly defines the leaders of His community, and He calls this community His "church." He calls those leaders to model themselves after Him, and has explicit expectations regarding them.

"Lastly, Christ had much to say about how we should manage our money. From these, Christians can learn fundamental financial management principles that are pleasing to God and very beneficial to us."

The Abridged Contents are as follows:


Chapter 1: We Must Become Mature

Parable of the Sower

Scriptures Regarding Maturity

Chapter 2: Christian Living

The Sermon the Mount

Chapter 3: Being a Member of the Lord's Church

How We Become Members of the Lord's Church

The Christian Journey--Our Imitation of Christ

Virtues commanded of us

Vices--sins that we must avoid

Chapter 4: The Worship of the Lord's Church

Acceptable Attitudes When We Approach God

Two Distinct Types of Required Worship

Worship According to the New Testament Pattern

Unacceptable Worship

Acceptable Worship in the New Covenant

Chapter 5: Servant Leadership

Leading Like Jesus: Servant Leadership

Marks of a Good Servant Leader

Barriers to Being a Good Servant Leader

Chapter 6: Church Leadership

The Spiritual Leadership that Christ Created in the Church

The Leaders

The Specific Goals of this Christ-Ordained Leadership

Chapter 7: Money Management

Biblical Principles of Money Management

God owns everything

We are stewards of God's possessions, not owners

We must not be lazy but diligent in our stewardship of God's possessions

We must set financial goals

We must trust and depend on God to meet our needs

Examples of Failure

Example of Success

Chapter 8: Epilogue


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