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God's Covenants and Restorations


Victor Vadney

Copyright © 2011

ISBN 9780983032724

200 pages

6 X 9 inches, perfect bound paperback, 4-color cover, gloss laminate

Author's Annotation:

"In this book entitled God's Covenants and Restorations, I show that God has always communicated to man within the context of a covenant. God made seven covenants with man: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Christ, and concerning marriage. Within each of these covenants, God has caused numerous restorations of these covenants. There are multiple things from these covenants that apply to us today. The New Covenant in Christ is what we live and are judged under now. It is of greatest importance that we restore this New Covenant that Christ sealed with His own blood. We must obey the divine teachings of Christ and His apostles rather than the teachings of men."

Contents (abridged)

Dedication & Acknowledgements


Chapter 1: Foundational Concepts and Early Covenants

Introduction to Biblical Covenants

God's Covenant with Adam

Restoration of God's Covenant with Adam

God's Covenant with Noah

Restoration of God's Covenant with Noah

God's Covenant with Abraham

Restorations of God's Covenant with Abraham

Study Questions

Chapter 2: Mosaic Covenant: Moses to Solomon

Moses as a Restorer

Joshua as a Restorer

The Judges as Restorers

King David as a Restorer

King Solomon as a Restorer

Study Questions

Chapter 3: Mosaic Covenant: Asa to the Prophets

King Asa as a Restorer

King Jehoshaphat as a Restorer

King Joash & Priest Jehoiada as Restorers

King Amaziah as a Restorer

King Azariah (Uzziah) as a Restorer

King Jotham as a Restorer

King Hezekiah as a Restorer

The Repentant King Manasseh as a Restorer

King Josiah as a Restorer

The Prophets as Restorers

Study Questions

Chapter 4: Mosaic Covenant: Daniel to Maccabees

Daniel and His Friends as Restorers

Jeshua and Zerubbabel as Restorers

Ezra as a Restorer

Nehemiah as a Restorer

Cyrus and Artaxerxes as Restorers

The Maccabees as Restorers

Study Questions

Chapter 5: God's Covenant with David

Restorations of God's Covenant with David

Study Questions

Chapter 6: God's New Covenant with Jesus Christ

Restorations of God's Covenant with Jesus Christ

The Apostles and Prophets as Restorers

Study Questions

Chapter 7: New Covenant—The Gospels

Gospels as the Cornerstone of Restored Faith

Study Questions

Chapter 8: New Covenant—Acts

A Restoration Pattern for Conversion

A Restoration Pattern for The Church

A Restoration Pattern for Church Leadership

A Restoration Pattern for Church Autonomy

Study Questions

Chapter 9: New Covenant—Romans to Ephesians

Study Questions

Chapter 10: New Covenant—Philippians to 2nd Thessalonians

Study Questions

Chapter 11: New Covenant—1st Timothy to Philemon

Study Questions

Chapter 12: New Covenant—Paul's Points

Study Questions

Chapter 13: God's Covenant of Marriage

Study Questions

Conclusions Regarding God's Covenants and Restorations


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