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NOT the least bit SORRY



Lynn Vadney

Copyright © 2013

ISBN 9780983032793

388 pages

5 X 8 inches, perfect bound paperback, 4-color cover, gloss laminate

Author's Annotation:

"NOT the least bit SORRY relates the crisis ignited by Frank Smith when he, in his own words, said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is book two of the Compound Series by Lynn Vadney.

"Sorrow fills Frank Smith's heart as he watches Henry Davis, the young man who would have been his son-in-law. It has been two and a half years since catastrophic terrorists' attacks brought down the governments of most nations.He hasn't seen his wife of daughter since the first day of chaos--the chaos fron which the brutal slave culture sprang. Without communications systems and stuck in this remote settlement, he has no way to know if they are still alive. His hope is that, some Monday afternoon, they will walk out the prison door to their waiting van, but he would be willing to do anything to rescue them if he had leads on their whereabouts."

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