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Stephanie's Anguish

The Compound Series: Book 4


Lynn Vadney

Copyright © 2014

ISBN 9781939838148

337 pages

6 X 9 inches, perfect bound paperback, 4-color cover, gloss laminate

Author's Annotation:

"After massive terrrorists' attacks, Stephanie Thorne found herself alone with three small children to protect. Her husband, a U.S. Navy seal, had just left on deployment. In her children's words: Daddy was off saving the world. The Military did evacuate all the military families, but with the increasing chaos and danger, their convoy soon disbursed.

"The young, Christian mother then had to rely on the kindness of strangers, first the Clark brothers and then Lily "Jackie" Schwartz. Their relative safety in the isolated compound of the baroness, as Lily is called in their new and brutal society, has been a blessing. Stephanie is very thankful for every day of the last eleven months, three weeks, and two days that she had spent with her very capable protector.

"One careless moment, and tragedy strikes."

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