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The Arrogant Journey

Hermeneutics and Church History


Victor Vadney


Copyright © 2012

ISBN 9780983032755

306 pages

6 X 9 inches, perfect bound paperback, 4-color cover, gloss laminate

Author's Annotation:

"The Arrogant Journey is a synopsis of nearly 2000 years of church history. The first 4 chapters explore how the Bible has been interpreted during that time. Chapter 5 explores the history of Ancient Apostolic Christianity in the first century AD. Chapter 6 recounts the horrific persecutions of Christians by the Roman Empire in the first three centuries. These martyrs belong to all of Christendom. Chapter 7 reveals the incredible deliverance of the helpless Christians from the vicious Roman Empire and how state and the church even became united. This changed the church in a dramatic way.

"Chapters 8-10 cover the nearly 1000 years of Medieval history. During this time, Islam arose and conquered much of the Roman Empire along with much of Christendom. The Holy Roman Empire was reestablished in the West. Both the Crusades as well as the Inquisitions belong to this time. Dissensions arose and were brutally crushed. The Great Schism deeply split the Medieval church. Toward the end of this period, the early seeds of the Reformation, that is, the reformation before the Reformation, germinated in Wyclif and Huss.

"Chapter 11 explores the Reformation, and this was the starting point for Modern Christianity. This began in the 16th century with the reformers' outcries for "sola scriptura!" The Protestant Reformation and the Roman Catholic Counter-Reformation exploded into devastating wars of religion all over Europe lasting for more than a century. The loss of human life was horrific, and uncountable. After the Peace at Westphalia in 1648, the atheistic Age of Enlightenment followed and culminated in the French Revolution in the 18th century. We are still feeling the devastating effects of those philosophies. Protestantism fragmented horribly. The call to go back to the Bible for our authority in Christianity dates back at least 840 years. It is still alive today."

The paperback book is 306 pages in length. The Word Count is 76,618. The text in the standard paragraph is 12 pt. Footnotes are numbered per chapter. A Bibliography, Index, and an Index of Scriptures is avaibable in the print and PDF e-books. The e-books are interactive. The indexes are not available in other e-book formats. There are summaries for each chapter, and there are Study Questions at the end of each chapter.

The Table of Contents with the page numbers in the paperback and the PDF e-book are as follows:

Table of Contents

Dedication and Acknowledgements ix


Chapter 1: History of Old Testament Hermeneutics 13

Satan's Hermeneutic 13
Enoch's Hermeneutic 14
Noah's Hermeneutic 15
Abraham's Hermeneutic 15
God's Hermeneutic 17
Talmudical Hermeneutics 20
Summary of this Period 22
Study Questions 22

Chapter 2: History of New Testament Hermeneutics

The Greek Imperative 23
Christ's Hermeneutic 25

Command 25
Example 28

The Apostle John's Hermeneutic 28
Paul's Hermeneutic 29

Command 29
Example 29

Summary of this Period 30
Study Questions 31

Chapter 3: History of Post-Apostolic Hermeneutics 33

The Hermeneutic found in the Didache 33
Descent into Allegorical Biblical Interpretations 34
Papal and Protestant Hermeneutics 36
The Emergence of Liberal Christianity 39
Restoration Hermeneutics 40
Post-Modern Hermeneutics 46
Summary of this Period 47
Study Questions 48

Chapter 4: Conclusions Regarding Hermeneutics 49

Study Questions 51


Chapter 5: Apostolic Christianity 57

Christ, The Founder of Christianity 57
Christ, The Builder of His Church 59
Christ's Chosen and Empowered Apostles 61
What the Apostles Bound and Loosed 65

Christ's Identity 65
Christ's Teachings 66
The Great Commission 67
Christ's Doctrine for His Church 72

Summary of this Period 76
Study Questions 77

Chapter 6: Christianity Under Roman Persecution 79

The Holy Scriptures and Canon 79
The Spread of Christianity 82
Persecutions and Christian Martyrdom 82

Nero's Persecution of Christians 84
Domitian's Persecutions of Christians 85
Trajan's Persecution of Christians 85
Roman Emperors up to Decius 85
Decius Trajan's Persecutions of Christians 86
Gallus' Persecutions of Christians 87
Valerian's Persecutions of Christians 87
Gallienus' Kindness to Christians 87
Diocletian's Persecutions of Christians 88
The Edicts of Toleration 88

The Church 89

Houses of Worship 89
The Days of Worship 90
The Order of Worship 91
Church Leadership 93
Baptism 103
Councils and Synods 110
Montanism 110
Heresies of this Time 111
Catholic Tradition 112

Summary of This Period 113
Study Questions 115

Chapter 7: Church in Union with the Roman Empire 117

The Eternal Kingdom versus the Earthly Kingdom 117
The Roman Emperors of this Period 119

Constantine the Great (306-337) 119
The Sons of Constantine (337-361) 121
Julian the Apostate (361-363) 121
Jovian (363-364) 123
Valentinian I (died 375)—Western Ruler 123
Valens (until 378)—Eastern Ruler 123
Gratian (375-383) 124
Valentinian II (383-392) 124
Eugenius (392-394) 124
Theodosius the Great and beyond (379-395) 124

Consequences of Union Between Church and State 125

Supremacy of the State 125
The Papacy 126
The Hierarchy 129
Monasticism 131
Public Worship 132
The Seven Ecumenical Councils 139

Summary of this Period 149
Study Questions 150

Chapter 8: Medieval Christianity 153

The Fall of the Western Roman Empire (c476) 153
The Conversions of the Barbarians 154
Muhammad and The Rise of Islam 155
The Papacy 163
Reestablishment of the Holy Roman Empire 166
The Great Schism Between East and West 167
Summary of this Period 169
Study Questions 170

Chapter 9: Medieval Papal Brute Force 173

The Age of Papal Domination 173
The Crusades 176

First Crusade 1095-1099 178
Second Crusade 1147-1149 180
Third Crusade 1187-1192 180
Fourth Crusade 1202-1204 181
The Children's Crusades 1212 182
Fifth Crusade 1217-1221, 1228 182
Sixth Crusade 1248 183
Seventh Crusade 1270 184
The Results of the Crusades 184

The Treatment of Heretics 186

The Rise of Dissension 186
The Papal Crusade Against the Albigenses 187
The Inquisition 189
The Sects 191

Summary of this Period 193
Study Questions 194

Chapter 10: The Decay of Medieval Catholicism 197

The Papacy 197
The Early Seeds of the Reformation 199

John Wyclif (1324-1384) 199
John Huss (1369-1415) 202

The Spanish Inquisition 204
The Renaissance 206

The Pioneer Scholars Reuchlin and Erasmus 207

Missions to the New World (Catholic) 208
Summary of this Period 209
Study Questions 210

Chapter 11: Reformation & Counter-Reformation 213

Prominent Protestant Reformation Leaders 214

Martin Luther (1483-1546) 214
John Calvin (1509-1564) 218
Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531) 218
The Anabaptists and the State-Church 219
Sola Scriptura 220

Catholic Counter-Reformation 223

The Council of Trent (1545-1564) 224
The Society of Jesus 224
The Inquisition 225
The European Wars of Religion 225

The Peace of Westphalia (1648) 226
Summary of this Period 227
Study Questions 228

Chapter 12: Enlightenment and Revolution 229

Missions to the New World (Protestant) 229
The Age of Enlightenment (c1650-c1800) 230
The French Revolution (1789-1799) 233
Summary of this Period 235
Study Questions 235

Chapter 13: Great Sin, Revival, & Restoration 237

Wars and Rumors of Wars 237
Liberal Theologies 238
Revivals 240
Back to the Bible 240
The Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement 243

Barton W. Stone (1772-1844) 243
John Wright 244
Thomas Campbell (1763-1854) 245
Alexander Campbell (1788-1866) 251
Walter Scott (1796-1861) 253
"Unification" of Churches (1832) 253
Separations and Divisions 254
Reunion Efforts 256
Overview of Orthodox History 257

Summary of this Period 258
Study Questions 260

Epilogue 263

The Difficulty 263
Truth Versus Unity 264
Back to the Bible 265

Bibliography 269

Index 281

Scripture Index 299

Other Books by Victor Vadney 306

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