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The Stone Is Turned

The Compound Series: Book 5


Lynn Vadney

Copyright © 2015

ISBN 9781939838179

372 pages

6 X 9 inches, perfect bound paperback, 4-color cover, gloss laminate

Author's Annotation:

"The Stone Is Turned is the finale of the five-book saga: The Compound Series. Though the thread of the story continues throughout the series, each book is a complete story in itself. Most of the main characters from the first four books appear in the final chapter of the story. Lily Schwartz with the help of the U.S. Navy Seal John Thorne and his brother, U.S. Navy Seal Jack Thorne, along with Commander Somerton and Lieutenant Williams continue their effort to overthrow the last of the brutal slave masters in the town of Somerton, Texas. In addition, bands of marauders roam the unprotected territory between population centers, and on occation, they dare to even raid within the cities. Will Lily and the Commander succeed? Will the citizens of Sommerton ever live in peace, free from constant vigilance against the criminal element?"

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