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Women's Activities in the Church

Congregational Activities

Structure of 1 Corinthians 14:27-36

Limitations on Women's Speaking in the Assembly--1 Corinthians 14:33-40

1 Corinthians 11:2-16

Limitations on Women's Activities in the Assembly--1 Timothy 2:1-15

Passages Used to Support Women Preaching

Mistaken Strategies in Interpretation


Women in the Biblical World

Roles of Women According to Early Christian Literature

Women Deacons in the Church

A Speaking Role for Women in the Assembly?



The Church and the Family

The Pattern of Religious Leadership in the Bible

The Created Order

Oneness in Christ--Galatians 3:28

The Place of Culture

Some Implications of the Doctrines

Some Practical Applications

Concluding Remarks





If you are confused about women's participation in the assembly of the church, Dr. Ferguson's book is just what you need. His detailed exegesis of relevant New Testament texts is easy to understand, hard to refute, and sensitive to women's concerns. He shares his extensive knowledge of women in the biblical world and early Christian literature, stating, "Apart from the few more prominent leadership activities…, women were fully involved in advancing the gospel, teaching and training others, leading in benevolence, and doing all the things necessary for the welfare and spiritual life of others" (124). I highly recommend this second edition of Women in the Church to all Christian women as well as the elders and preachers with whom they serve. Cynthia Guy, on-line Adjunct Instructor of Women's Courses at Amridge University; Inspirational Speaker; author of What About the Women: A Study of New Testament Scriptures Concerning Women (2005), and author of Struggle. Seek. Grow.: How Twelve Women in Scripture Sought Spiritual Maturity (2011).

Dr. Everett Ferguson is a true scholar who finds the answers to important questions of doctrine and practice through a careful examination of scripture and the practice of the early church. In his book about Women in the Church he applies these practiced skills to determine whether women may lead in the public worship of the church. His study of the relevant scriptures is sound and his applications to current worship practices are clear. Although his approach has depth, his presentation is easy to read. Stafford North, Distinguished Professor of Bible, Oklahoma Christian University

Everett Ferguson's latest book, Women in the Church, is a valuable addition to the many articles and books on this currently disputed topic. He has a careful exegesis of the relevant biblical texts, including those that show women active in the personal ministry of Jesus and the missionary journeys of Paul. The section on "Evidence from History" is especially valuable and insightful. Then he logically and carefully draws doctrinal and practical conclusions.
I recommend this book to anyone interested in studying this issue who wants light more than heat. Whether or not you agree with all of his conclusions, the hermeneutical principles and historical facts explored here should be considered. Cecil May Jr., Dean Emeritus, Faulkner University

Dr. Everett Ferguson has done a masterful job examining New Testament texts, evidence from history, and doctrinal considerations in the Second Edition of Women in the Church: Biblical and Historical Perspectives.
The theological reasoning and disciplined study of scriptures reflected in this volume are important in a time when preferences, feelings, and agendas drive some to do whatever is good in their own eyes, regardless of what is taught in scripture. In a time when many focus on their right to worship according to their own opinions and talents, Dr. Ferguson calls the reader to examine what is cultural and what is intentionally God-designed from the very beginning of time.
He has included thought provoking questions at regular intervals to engage the reader in grappling with the issues of today regarding women and the church.
I recommend without reservation Dr. Ferguson's book to anyone who wants to understand more about God's design for appropriate roles of men and women in the assembly and the governing order of the church. Sherry Pollard, Professor Marriage and Family Therapy, Harding University, University Ombudsman, Assistant Director Harding University Counseling Center

As a local minister, I sincerely appreciate Dr. Ferguson's latest edition of Women in the Church. In a time in which God's fundamental roles of life are under such scrutiny, churches and individuals truly need this very careful analysis of Scripture both to bolster their faith and to provide them with clear evidence of God's design for His Family, the church. I wholeheartedly encourage every sister congregation to make this very timely study a part of their Church curriculum today. Mark R. Guy, Minister, Lassen Street Church of Christ, Vallejo, CA