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Information on E-book Readers

If you are an avid e-book fan, you probably don't need this information. However, if you are new to the game, you might find this information helpful.

As you know, books have been around for a long time now. Long ago books were written on rocks, bricks, animal skins (vellum), and papyrus. In more recent history, books have been written on paper, and these are the books we find in our bookstores and libraries.

However, the most recent advancement of the "book" idea has materialized as an electronic book. This is the e-book of today. This idea of a book has grown very rapidly. There is considerable cost in bringing any book to publication. In addition, there is considerable cost involved in printing and shipping paper books. However, the cost of producing an e-book is substantially less because there is no shipping and handling. Some publishers want to charge the same or even higher costs for an e-book as opposed to a paper book. However, this is really taking advantage of the person reading the e-book. Be cautious of such publishers.

Reading an E-book on Your PC & Mac®

Adobe Digital Editions for PC & Mac®

This is a great option because most people in North America and Europe have one or more computers in a household. This is undoubtedly the least expensive way to read an e-book. If you have a PC or a MAC, you can download the free Adobe Digital Editions to your PC or Mac® and you will be able to read any PDF or EPUB e-book. There are many e-book vendors who carry these types of e-books. Just search the internet for the e-book title, or even better, for the ISBN of the e-book you would like to purchase.

The majority of books, especially novels, can be offered in EPUB format because the text is not complicated. However, if the e-book you want is from a print book with a lot of technical material, then the EPUB may not be able to show some of these special features. But the PDF e-book is a direct rendering of the print book, page by page, footnote by footnote, and even words in foreign alphabets. The EPUB is the basis for all e-books at Barnes & Noble. In addition, the EPUB in a modified form (i.e., Mobipocket) is the basis for all e-books at Amazon.

Free Amazon Kindle Reader for PC & Mac®

Because Amazon has become the strongest vendor of the market for e-books, there are many authors who offer their e-books only at Amazon. However, you can download the free Amazon Kindle reader for PC and then purchase any e-book for Amazon.

If you own a Mac®, you can download a free Amazon Kindle Reader app from your app store on your device.

Free Barnes & Noble Reader for PC & Mac®

Barnes & Noble carries many of the e-books that Amazon carries, and also some EPUB e-books that are otherwise not available at Amazon. You can download their free NOOK for PC app for your PC.

If you own a Mac®, look for "NOOK" in your app store for a free download.

Reading an E-book on Your Tablet or Smart Phone

This is generally a more expensive way to read e-books. This is not because the e-books are more expensive, but rather you have purchased another device. However, this way of reading an e-book is far more portable, and this is the great advantage.

It is difficult to read PDF e-books on any device smaller than a computer because the pages are the equivalent of a full-size paper book. Therefore, the font size is just too small to read in most instances. So read PDF e-books on a computer rather than a Tablet or Smart Phone. This will save you a lot of frustration.

The free Amazon Kindle reader for tablet or smart phone can be downloaded and then you can download and read any book on Amazon. If your e-book is available from Apple, you can download the Amazon Kindle app to your iPad®, iPhone®, or iPad touch®, and then purchase the ebook from iTunes Store. You can install the Barnes & Noble NOOK app for your tablet or smart phone also and this will enable you to download e-books from them.You can also download Google app as well if you own one of those devices.

Choosing eReaders

The term "eReaders" refers to proprietary e-book readers. These are manufactured for sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as a few other companies. These other companies include the Kobo eReader, the Sony Reader, and the Aluratek Libre Touch. These eReaders were evalulated and recommended by Consumer Reports and you can find this evaluation in the Consumer Reports Buying Guide of 2014, pp 61-62. These machines are made especially for reading and have some real advantages. The top advantage in my estimation is a long duration of battery life before needing to recharge. Generally these machines cost between $100-$200. If you don't already have a tablet or smart phone and don't intend to get one, then purchasing an eReader is a portable way to read e-books. Some people like the advantages of an eReader so much that they use these instead of their other multipurpose devices.

One disadvantage to an eReader is that if some author only uses Amazon for his or her e-books, then you wouldn't be able to get that author's works on a Barnes & Noble NOOK. It goes that same the other way too.

Please review the Consumer Reports' article above. The following gives you a reasonable idea of the costs of some of eReaders. Please see their websites to get further information.

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